Who Ever Said There Needed To Be Consistency?

by No Home for Heroes

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Douglas Skene
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Douglas Skene Killer experimental rock album led by Sydney Progressive Percussion Powerhouse, Nathan McMahon.
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A journey of experimental progressive rock featuring Mike Zoias (Avarin, Transcending Mortality), Jonathan Talan (Avarin), Douglas Skene (Hemina, Anubis), Mitch Coull (Hemina) and Dave Power.


released April 13, 2015

Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Nathan McMahon
Mastered by Douglas Skene @ Ploughman Studios

All music and vocals written, programmed and performed by Nathan McMahon, except:

Vocals on The Phoenix performed by Mike Zoias.
Solo on The Phoenix performed by Mitch Coull recorded by Douglas Skene @ Ploughman Studios.
Vocals on Fleeting performed and recorded by Douglas Skene @ Ploughman Studios.
Vocals on Winter In Oxford performed and recorded by Dave Power.
Solo and some guitar on Winter In Oxford performed and recorded by Jonathan Talan.

Spoken word on Comhraite San Ospideal by "Bobby".

Sax Solo on Fleeting by a busker in South Kensington, UK.

All lyrics written by Nathan McMahon, except:
Lyrics on The Phoenix written by Nathan McMahon and Mike Zoias.
Lyrics on Fleeting written by Douglas Skene.
Lyrics on Winter In Oxford by Dave Power.



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No Home for Heroes Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Comhráite San Ospidéal
This life s'far as I understand
Is all enchanted fairy land
Now you seize the flower
Its bloom is shed
And like the snowflake upon the river
A moment there
Then melts forever
Track Name: A Chance To Make Amends (I'm Sorry)
I wanted to see this
I wanted to know the other side
(You'd stay forever, in endless cycles)

I wanted to open
I wanted to see what was inside
(We lost each other, now it's too late)

Oh, I had to let you go
And find myself again

Failing to feel
Throwing aside
Its all I wanted

It's ok now
We've resolved the past
(You've got an awesome boyfriend. You seem to be happier inside)

I want to see daylight
I want to feel the fire again
(And be honest, no more secrets)

Oh, I had to let you go
So we could both move on

Finding my feet
Owning my life
Its all I wanted
Its now

I wanted to see it through
I wanted to fight it
I wanted to see it through
I wasn't defiant

If only I could have the chance to walk this road again

A simple paradox, I cannot sleep with open eyes.
A chance to make amends, for what it was and how it ends.

Lyrics by Nathan McMahon
Track Name: The Phoenix
When you look back on your life
You see shades of blue and black
And ivory white of times you wish you could remember.

Newspaper clippings tell a tale of somewhere foreign
That's my name, my face, an alleyway
I can't recall, it feels so barren.

In a summer silhouette
The figures fade and you forget, that in time you learn that you are not alone

The season's winter, we're in June
Yet the sun walks in the room.
She sits and asks me questions and it feels like paradise.

"What happened to your story?
When did you fall from glory?
Why did you cast aside your life and give up on this paradise?"

When I die will I forget?
Will I die without regret?
Will all this vanish, and I'll never get to hear the ocean.

Life is a gift, time is a wish.
And I need answers.

They follow me.

The solar winds blow the seas away
While outside a red sun rises.
I see a phoenix rising up
Deep within this shattered mind

Lyrics by Nathan McMahon and Mike Zoias
Track Name: Fleeting
Lyrics by Douglas Skene.
Track Name: Winter In Oxford
Yeah, we're meant for each other
Just seems not in this time
Our hearts will be unburdened
Nothing to hide between the lines
No need to live my heartaches or fall victim to your fears

But now is all we have
Any time is precious now
The stars are aligning
We'll be together somehow

Your face is so familiar
I'm sure I've held you in my dreams
And I will chase past this lifetime, no matter what the means.

But now is all we have
Every minute precious now
I see the stars aligning
We'll be together somehow

Lyrics by Dave Power